Germany has a long brewing history and is one of the world's largest beer nations. Brandenburg has always brewed, the first records of beer from Cottbus date back to 1385.

With the introduction of the Purity Law of 1516, we have a quality assurance system that has existed for almost 500 years. The benefits of this quality measure are known to anyone who is engaged in beer and worthy of all honors. Nevertheless, following the purity requirement as a side effect, the beers are becoming more and more similar in taste and variety is limited.

We brew beer that convince us personally.

We love creating special beers with unique taste profiles – beers with character. To reinterpret forgotten, old beer styles and preserving beer styles from disappearing are a real challenge.

Beer is a living product for us, a food whose diversity we love. What drives us out of conviction, such as the passion for artisan brewed beer is the insight that Cottbus needs its own beer.

Separate the buck from the goats

The term "buck" in connection with beer is the last reminder of the pagan ritual potion, of the original goat in its original form. Beers and bucks have been together for at least 6,000 years. They are the insignia of a culture based on cereal farming and shepherd life. At the same time, the buck is the original symbol of fertility and uncontrollable culture. Beer is the symbol of human culture. (Gilgamesh Epic).

In the beer and buck vicitm the wedding of nature and culture takes place.
Human thanks nature because he is completely dependent on it.

Pan has the upper body of a human and the legs of a buck and this is the merging of both components.
As the god of fertility, of agriculture and god of mystical intoxication and beer, he knows many secrets of life.

So it was not difficult for us to choose Pan as the god of fertility, the fusion of nature and culture in connection with the cultivated plant hops, as a symbol of our beers.

But please do not panic now.

La, La Bier, LaBierwas?

Labieratorium is a place where creativity, knowledge, skills and the love of working (laborare = "working") find their place.

It's our idea of ​​brewing, that it is more than a hot water tank, copper, mash tun, whirlpool, fermentation and storage tank.
In our university of life, our kitchen, our brewhouse, shop, warehouse or craft beer bar, we want to reinterpret forgotten old beer styles and keep them from disappearing.
To put it in a nutshell, rediscover the old and combine it with the new ones.

Our beers are to be found in consistent and high quality, which are brewed with valuable ingredients artisanal, reliable. Where the purity requirement for us is not only for internal use self-image.
Recipes are tasted, improved, rejected and enforced. Process and quality controls are carried out, measurements and calculations performed. Practice and tradition – just as it is in every “laboratory”.

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