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We brew beers that convince us personally. The Labieratorium is a place where creativity, knowledge, skills and the love of working (laborare = "working") find their place. It's our idea of ​​brewing, that it is more than a hot water tank, copper, mash tun, whirlpool, fermentation and storage tank. In our university of life, our kitchen, our brewhouse, shop, warehouse or craft beer bar, we want to reinterpret forgotten old beer styles and keep them from disappearing. Our beers have a high, consistent of quality, we brew with valuable ingredients artisanal and reliable.

Beer is a living product for us, a food whose diversity we love.

As brewers, beer lovers, beer sommeliers, brewing artists and beer crazed, we have come together to enrich the existing beer variety and to expand on a very important aspect: beers with individual character.

What drives us, such as passion for artisan brewed beer, is the conviction that Cottbus needs its own beer.

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The Labieratorium was founded by Olaf Wirths & Anja Braun in 2015. Since summer 2017 brewing takes place in Cottbus on its own microbrewery with a 10-hectoliter plant. There are so far brewed 17 different beers. (status January 2018) The Labieratorium has 7 employees. The own beer bar "Labyrinth at Altmarkt" served seven freshly tapped Labieratorium beers.

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