In 2013, Labieratorium, the first craft beer brewery in Cottbus, was founded by Anja and Olaf. We always develop and create our recipes for new beers in small quantities. Malt, hops and yeast meet brewing craftsmanship. From mashing, boiling, lautering, chilling, fermenting, filtering to packaging, we want to delight you with our selection of great beers. And with each beer again.

In 2015, the first beer was sold, which should hit the nerve of the people of Cottbus and establish with its taste to old brewing tradition and to the beer history.

In a relatively short time, our beer variety grew rapidly. For a long time, the slogan "the youngest brewery in Brandenburg" decorated our advertising banner, and just under two years of gypsy brewing should come to an end. In July 2016 we opened our own craft beer bar, where you can enjoy our beers fresh from the tap.

Because beer is not necessarily beer.

On 22.07.2017 our brewery opened its doors. Our newly built microbrewery with a 10 hectoliter brewhouse and 180 hectoliters fermentation and storage tank, can currently produce up to 2,500 hectoliters of beer per year.Right next to the brewery you can find our storage area and our office which includes a small shop. The next step will be the possibility of a serving of drinks next to a small beer garden.

On request, we will also develop your own beer with you. We offer brewing courses so that you can make your first beer with some simple steps on you own. We also offer our experience in the development of your own design and the production of labels.

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